Today’s Headlines

  • Housing policy is climate policy (NY Times)
  • Bike path alongside SMART railway is taking way too long to finish (Press Democrat)
  • How many trees are needed to cool a city street: 40% canopy cover (Popular Science)
  • Residents wanted long-haul bus service to Westwood, Las Vegas, so Long Beach transit agency found partners to provide it (Business Journal)
  • Development in Santa Barbara would threaten pedestrian safety (Edhat)
  • Americans are driving more than ever (Route Fifty)
  • More on tool to estimate induced travel in California (SSTI)
  • Testing Google’s walking directions of the future (Gizmodo)
  • It’s possible to attach your own private car to Amtrak–for now (CityLab)
  • An ancient trash pit reveals how a climate shift decimated an ancient city (National Geographic)
  • People are really confused about the benefits and drawbacks of one-way streets (LAist)

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