Today’s Headlines

  • Yesterday’s big story took off like a runaway train in a Buster Keaton movie: Mainstream media reported that Gavin Newsom “pledged” to “end,” “scale back,” “curtail,” “scrap,” “slam the brakes on” and “abandon” high speed rail. Oh, and “kill that boondoggle.”
    • Even the resident high-speed rail critic at the LA Times found it all “shocking”
  • Except Newsom didn’t say any of that (Streetsblog)
  • Later, the governor kind of clarified his remarks.
    • After not listening very closely to the state of the state speech, CBS says that Governor Newsom “changed his tune” afterwards
  • Lodi residents want to turn an unused railway into a bike trail (Lodi News)
  • San Diego streamlines process to allow parklets, pop-ups (Next City)
  • Neglecting infrastructure is expensive: San Diego pays out big settlement to injured cyclist (San Diego Union Tribune)
  • The Green New Deal in the West (Power)
  • How climate change could transform your city (Wired)
  • Insect numbers are in decline, and that’s really bad (Guardian)

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