Today’s Headlines

  • Sure, climate change is real, says Chevron, but it’s your fault, not ours (The Verge)
  • Driverless cars are not safe (LA Times)
  • It looks like Uber’s technology failed (LA Times), but pedestrian blaming begins in earnest:
    • Pedestrians are a “growing safety concern” (Wall Street Journal)
    • It’s “uncomfortable” to be an unwitting participant in self-driving car experimentation (Wired)
    • A collective shrug (Jalopnik)
    • Walk defensively (Car2)
  • Rail “buffs” fight removal of unused train tracks for a bike trail (Sacramento Bee)
  • That huge mass of garbage floating in the ocean is now four times the size of California (San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times)
  • CTC adopts “transportation improvement” plan (Transport Topics)
  • San Luis Obispo awarded state gas tax money for highway improvements, “congestion relief” (San Luis Obispo)

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