Today’s Headlines

  • Think biking with kids is reckless? You’re brainwashed (Outside Online)
  • How would Jesus drive? Honor those who “who move in traffic with good sense and prudence” says Pope. Amen! (New York Times)
  • Marin judge dismisses road rage incident after anger management class (Marin Independent Journal)
  • Gas tax brings street repairs to Needles (Mohave Daily News)
  • Ballot initiatives CA voters will need to be informed about (Capital Public Radio)
  • Those bright bikes just keep getting stolen from the Google campus (9to5Google)
    • So Google hired a bunch of people to retrieve them (SF Gate)
  • Cities have lots of ways to achieve density (Strong Towns)
  • Building near freeways is unhealthy, so L.A. should dismantle them (LA Curbed)
  • San Francisco had lowest number of traffic deaths since 1915 (SF Curbed)
  • Scientists are finding out where all that methane is coming from (Los Angeles Daily News)
  • Electric trucks could disrupt the industry, save billions (Environmental Defense Fund)
  • Richmond residents want to own their careers—featuring Rich City Rides (Richmond Confidential)

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