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Support Streetsblog California. CLICK HERE to make a donation.

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We write about issues, events, and politics around sustainable transportation in California communities. We cover state-level policies that affect local communities and the neighborhoods you live in, work in, and travel through. We keep you up to date on what is happening in the halls of the Capitol and at state agencies like Caltrans and the Air Resources Board.

We explain where and how investments are made to create more sustainable communities, including money that comes from the state’s cap-and-trade system and the new statewide gas tax, as well as local transportation tax measures. We cover meetings where state policy is formulated and argued about, listening in on the wonky discussions — and translating them into something more comprehensible — so you don’t have to.

Streetsblog California publishes posts from its sister sites in San Francisco and Los Angeles—including Santa Monica and Long Beach—and has been developing coverage in the Central Valley and Orange County to keep our readers throughout California informed and inspired. With your support, we can continue our coverage and expand it to more areas of the state.

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We Can’t Do This Without You: Support California Streetsblog Today

Since we launched California Streetsblog a little over a year ago—scratch that—since we started statewide coverage under the Los Angeles Streetsblog banner two years ago, the tiny California team has worked hard to bring you information that you won’t find elsewhere. Among our regular coverage of what’s happening in the state legislature, we brought a […]