Today’s Headlines

  • Grieving mom says unsafe street design killed her son on S.F. bike ride (KQED)
  • Reporter thinks the unfinished bike path on the Bay Bridge “frustrates” cyclists (SF Chronicle)
  • Airbnb, Proposition F, and the shared hypocrisy of Bay Area housing (Tech Crunch)
  • A bitter housing debate, an election, and still the same housing mess in S.F. (Washington Post)
  • More on how much oil companies spent in Sacramento lobbying against petroleum reduction targets (LA Times)
  • A different take on “Vision Zero” (Planetizen)
  • Use of walking, biking, and transit growing compared to driving alone (Transportationist)
  • Design streets for lower speeds—don’t just slap on a speed limit (CityLab)
  • In Chicago, too, bicycle riders aren’t just privileged urbanites (Chicago Magazine)
  • The complex effects of cities on local temperature (Next City)
  • Historical photos show that Amsterdam wasn’t always a biking paradise (Fast Company)

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