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Guest Opinion: Uber And Lyft, A Solution To L.A.’s First/Last Mile Dilemma?

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The Los Angeles City Council should be commended for its recent approval of Uber and Lyft pick-ups at LAX. By recognizing these services’ enduring appeal for airport travelers, Los Angeles’ city government now stands at the forefront of municipal ride-hail regulation. And yet, merely adapting to these ride-hail services’ presence will deny the city a […]

Today in Bad Ideas: “Uberizing” the Public Transit System

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A recent guest editorial in the Denver Post argued that “it’s time to Uber our bus system” with privately operated demand-responsive service downtown. While contracting out some bus operations can work, writes Jarrett Walker at Human Transit, the notion that the “demand responsiveness” of Uber will translate to transit routes carrying thousands of people every […]