Today’s Headlines

  • USDOT finds demand for funding to tear down freeways is very high (Urban Institute)
    • But the federal infrastructure bill is building freeways (E&E)
  • Megabus returns to major CA cities with daily trips (Yahoo, SF Examiner)
  • Newsom’s budget cuts climate spending (Mercury News)
  • City of Pasadena, rather than support Bike Week, plans to enforce traffic rules this Friday, with the usual language about “shared responsibility for safety” (Pasadena Now)
  • How to quit cars (New Yorker)
  • Engineers need to account for the costs of traffic violence in their calculations (Speakeasy)
  • Study: Emissions from fossil fuel industry are causing excessive wildfires (Sacramento Bee)
  • Interview with EPA regional director on environmental justice (PPIC)

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