Today’s Headlines

  • Governor Newsom: “This is a climate damn emergency” (Capital Public Radio, CalMatters, SF Chronicle)
  • How climate change is fueling fires (LA Times)
  • And how the fires interact with the pandemic (NBC)
  • The 2020 Census, underfunded and rushed, may turn out to be useless – or worse (Route Fifty)
  • A single person is delaying eco-friendly projects in San Francisco in the midst of a climate crisis (SF Chronicle)
  • In the midst of tense protests, L.A. deputies arrest reporter (LA Times)
  • Politics and police unions stopped bill to hold bad cops accountable (LA Times)
  • Community services organization buying motels in Escondido for homeless housing (San Diego Union Tribune)
  • Turning an L.A. golf course into housing: Would politics allow it? (CityLab)
  • It’s “Pedestrian Safety Month” so all the cities and towns remind pedestrians to be careful, now, cars can kill and maim! (Patch)

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