Today’s Headlines

  • Revised federal relief bill includes $20 billion for public transit and $58 billion in cheap loans for airlines (Eno Center for Transportation)
  • Fund, build bikeways to help people travel safely during pandemic (Forbes)
  • What happens when people stop flying? (Eno Center for Transportation)
  • Social distancing: Black Americans are like, “What’s new?” (Brookings)
  • Californians stay home (LA Times, River Bender)
  • But lots of people are out and about: Garcetti scolds L.A. (LA Times)
    • Bay Area parks and beaches see weekend crowds (SF Chronicle)
    • In response, Marin County closes its parks (SF Chronicle)
  • Will shelter-in-place work? (SF Chronicle)
  • Don’t push the button: Australia rolls out automated pedestrian signals to avoid “beg buttons” (AU News)
  • Housing construction is considered “essential” and work continues, for now (Sacramento Bee)
  • LA Times editorial board supports a people mover serving planned Inglewood stadium

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