Today’s Headlines

  • TV news in a tizzy because Emeryville’s protected bike lane is preventing cars from parking in the bike lane (NBC)
  • Automakers push for a middle ground on fuel efficiency, to preserve profits (NY Times)
  • “Researcher” counts a lot of pedestrians on phones, concludes rise in crashes is their fault (Tampa Bay Times)
  • Dream on: Orange County freeway to be widened in hopes of “improved traffic flow” (PR Newswire)
  • Poll: Californians want to live near transit and jobs (LA Times)
  • Caltrain adds a few more seats to its proposed bike-car design, but not enough (SF Examiner)
  • BART crackdown on fare cheats leads to more ticket sales, fewer police calls (SF Chronicle)
  • A list of the environmental rules being attacked by Trump (NY Times)
  • Trumps phantom-fighting trade tariffs against Mexico would harm U.S., California (Sacramento Bee)

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