Today’s Headlines

  • LA Metro wants high-speed rail money (Curbed)
  • Governor Newsom calls for investigation into high gas prices (SF Chronicle)
  • Fining poor people won’t stop pedestrian fatalities (Talk Poverty)
  • How five cities are expanding bike-share to underserved communities (Curbed)
  • No, USDOT is not allocating new transit money, despite announcement (Transportation4America)
  • People think they’re getting better at distracted driving– Forbes headline blames scooter riders
  • Bird finally talks about how it uses energy to charge, deliver scooters (Fast Company)
  • Nuclear power is selling itself as “clean” energy, gaming climate policies to get subsidies (Politico)
  • Climate change is exacerbating differences between rich and poor countries (Grist)
  • Climate change deniers change their tune when it gets personal (USA Today)
  • Why public construction contracts are a civil rights issue (Next City)

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