Today’s Headlines

  • San Diego does it: No more parking required for new housing in transit priority areas (NRDC, KUSI)
  • CA high-speed rail officials call on Trump to stop threatening its funding (Sacramento Bee)
    • LA Times HSR critic Vartabedian is skeptical, as usual
  • L.A. readies to adopt VMT under CEQA (Urbanize Los Angeles)
  • Red carpet transit lanes work great (CityLab)
  • It wasn’t easy, but East Oakland will get BRT before SF (SF Chronicle)
  • Lyft and Uber are about to become publicly traded companies (Curbed)
  • Bike-share companies are pivoting to e-scooters (Bicycling)
  • Google Maps now show scooters and bike-share (Forbes)
  • CA lawmakers want $100 billion for clean energy (The State)
  • Bay Area cities push back on proposed housing fix (Mercury News)
  • Disney donates $5 million for homeless housing (Daily News)

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