Today’s Headlines

  • No, electric cars are not enough to save us. We must drive less. (Curbed)
  • California’s cigarette taxes and smoking bans have saved $$$$ and lives (Could we apply similar tactics to transportation?) (CALmatters)
  • Travel surveys should ask about all modes to get accurate data (Forbes)
  • It’s okay not to wear a bike helmet (Bicycling)
  • Chevron agrees to pay a fine, clean up its act a little bit (San Francisco Chronicle)
  • Rhode Island Waves: DOT tells peds to wave at drivers if they want to cross the street (Coventry Courier)
  • Riverside County plans a brand-new freeway (Press Enterprise)
  • What happens when affordability requirements expire? (NextCity)
  • Suspicious package sent to Maxine Waters (LA Times)
  • One more in a string of suspicious fires at housing construction sites in the East Bay (SF Chronicle)

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