Today’s Headlines

  • Youth group observes traffic, sees lots of distracted driving (Turlock Journal)
  • Redwood City plans to bring bike lanes to El Camino Real (Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition)
  • Encourage bicycling by giving people opportunities to ride for fun (LSE)
  • California adopts climate game plan for 2030 (EDF)
    • Including plan for more than 4.2 million electric vehicles (Forbes)
  • Calaveras County begins planning for sustainable transportation with gas tax money (Calaveras Enterprise)
  • Plan for high speed rail includes links east, south (Mass Transit)
  • Contractors charge that California’s “smooth pavement standard” is too strict (Sacramento Bee)
  • California drivers are the worst (Sacramento Bee)
  • US industries are still increasing investments in oil and gas (Houston Chron)
  • Elon Musk hates public transit. Now can we all please just ignore him? (Wired)

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