#DamienTalks 30 – SCAG’s Hasan Ikharta and the Pilot Program That Could Slay the Gas Tax

Today, #DamienTalks with Hasan Ikharta, the executive director of the Southern California Association of Governments about the pilot program that could be the second step in replacing the state’s gas tax with a vehicle miles traveled tax.

Ikhrata-2008Last week, the state announced it was looking for 5,000 drivers to participate in a pilot program to analyze different methods for replacing the state’s gas tax. Tax receipts have fallen in recent years as cars become more fuel efficient. While cleaner cars are a good thing, the state can’t keep up with the backlog of road repair projects that are needed to keep the state’s transportation network functioning.

So, they’re looking to do something different.

If you prefer your information in written form, and missed last week’s story on Streetsblog California, click here. If you’d like to sign up for the pilot program, click here.

At the end of the interview, we discuss SCAG’s long-term transportation planning and the opportunities to participate in that project. We are watching the LRTP closely at Streetsblog Los Angeles, and if you’re an interested Southern Californian, we urge you to follow that website for updates.

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3 thoughts on #DamienTalks 30 – SCAG’s Hasan Ikharta and the Pilot Program That Could Slay the Gas Tax

  1. Your statements represent the beginning of the end. I’ve got nothing to hide, but I will strongly defend the right of privacy for everyone. By your premise, You would give up your right to free speech, just because you’ve got nothing to say? Comical. And Ed Lee will end up indicted, no one is worrying about that sleaze ball except you.

  2. if you want to be a libertarian move to texas

    I got nothing to hide, you shouldn’t either. Afraid Ed Lee will see all your trips to walmart to buy guns? If you’re so scared of the government move out. California isn’t for you.

  3. VMT is a non-starter. Citizens should never be allowing government to track travel and/or behavior. Perhaps use the infamous cap & trade slush funds instead…the SB375/AB32 movement has less to do with saving the climate and more to do with classifying every action in life as a carbon output variable which can then be matched to a grid and taxed.

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