Today’s Headlines

  • Traffic noise may increase risk of dementia (Medical News Today)
  • Five bills to make California streets safer and healthier (NRDC)
  • CA exploring vehicle miles traveled fee to replace gas tax (North Bay Business Journal)
  • SANDAG and Caltrans look for feedback on improvements to Coat, Canyons and Trails corridor – SR 52 (La Jolla Light)
  • Revolt of the delivery workers (Curbed)
  • E-bikes flatten the city (PubliCola)
  • E-bike tax credit gets eviscerated (Systemic Failure)
  • Census data shows where housing was built in Oakland – and where all the Black people went (Darrell Owens)
  • Sequoia fires, two of many burning in CA, threaten world’s largest trees (SF Chronicle)
  • Eviction notices are rising in San Francisco (SF Chronicle)

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