Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA Received $1 Billion in Stimulus, But Some Buses Aren’t Running (SF Examiner)
  • Santa Clara County Moving Forward with Bike Superhighway (San Jose Spotlight)
  • San Diego Considers Lifting Parking Mandage (Union-Tribune)
  • Orange County Experimenting with Bike Only Trails in Its Mountains (Register)
  • Q and A on New Bike Project in San Diego (Union-Tribune)
  • Temps in Sacramento Shatter Local Record (SacBee)
  • Letter Calls for Better Parklets in Los Gatos (Merc-News)
  • Across the Country, It’s Time for Transit Agencies to Staff Up  (Transit Center)
  • Drivers Not Returning to Uber/Lyft Because Job Is Awful (Motherboard)

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