Today’s Headlines

  • Micromobility advocates aren’t thinking big enough (CityLab)
  • Bicycle riders take the lane because that’s the smart – and safe – thing to do (Forbes)
  • Long Beach city councilmember wants to close a pedestrian bridge “because crime” despite the people who use it (Long Beach Post)
  • Downtowns are slowly giving up cars (Quartz)
  • Why Transportation for America is calling for no new highway funding (Treehugger)
  • Construction begins on highway realignment in Modesto (Modesto Bee)
  • SF Chronicle says Newsom stepped into a “political minefield” with his Executive Order on transportation funding
  • Can Uber and Lyft survive if they pay their drivers a living wage? (AlterNet)
  • San Franciscans were crazy for bikes back in the ’90s. The 1890s. (SF Chronicle)
  • spends serious time slamming the idea that homes could be powered by bike riding

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