Today’s Headlines

  • San Bernardino air quality is tied to our insistence on just-in-time delivery of crap we don’t need, and its residents are suffering (Grist)
  • More lighting does not create safer cities (The Conversation)
  • Why can’t we have woonerven? (Treehugger)
  • Scary teens on bikes? Gimme a break–think how scary they’d be if they were driving (Outside)
  • Environmental Defense Fund defends the importance and utility of forest offsets, done correctly
  • U.S. House subcommittee clears $137B transportation bill, with $ for CAHSR and fuel economy requirements–more debate to come (Smart Cities Dive)
  • Utah doesn’t want to be like California, so “we need to build wider highways,” says UDOT exec (Building Salt Lake)
  • The story of Trek Bicycles (Inc)
  • Surprise! Rich farmers are the ones who will reap benefits of Trump’s tariffs (LA Times)

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