Today’s Headlines

  • Newsom proposes a tax break for the wealthy to help pay for affordable housing (Sacramento Bee)
  • Millions going for road repairs in Alpine, Mariposa counties (My Mother Lode)
  • A primer on Level of Service (Brookings)
  • Two federal bills from GOP seek to take away CA high speed rail funding (CNBC)
  • Marin is still fighting over allowing e-bikes (KQED)
  • Join a giant “human bicycle sculpture” in Pasadena in April (NBC)
  • Senior housing in Richmond: An AHSC success story (Housing Finance)
  • Eight cities making car-free spaces (Fast Company)
  • “It’s a car…. in a very small tunnel”: Actual transportation professionals unimpressed by Musk’s “traffic solution” (Jalopnik)

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