Today’s Headlines

  • Self-driving car kills pedestrian. How long until the pedestrian is blamed? (NY Times)
    • Answer: about a half hour—she was “outside the crosswalk” (Bloomberg)
    • “No fault by Uber,” she “abruptly” walked into street (SF Chronicle)
    • She was walking her bike across the street (Bicycling)
  • NACTO: We cannot afford to let market competition trump safety (NACTO)
  • Coalition presses for stricter federal oversight of autonomous vehicles (The Hill)
  • No one is trying to force anyone out of cars (Vox)
  • Pedestrian bridges may be “safer” but they don’t work (San Diego Reader)
  • Governor Brown’s long history with California politics and laws (New Yorker)
  • Lyft tests monthly subscription idea—all the trips you want, one price (SF Chronicle)
  • CPUC considers regulating Uber, Lyft like limousines and tour buses (US News)
  • Traffic study will ask drivers to slow down to avoid bottlenecks (San Diego Union Tribune)
  • San Francisco Supervisors oppose housing bill SB 827 (Curbed)
  • Group opposes proposed housing development because parking (Curbed)
  • Homeless advocate charges San Diego with enforcing encroachment rules against people but not bikes (Voice of San Diego)
  • Long Beach bike-share celebrates two years (The Grunion)

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