Today’s Headlines

  • Caltrans wants input on a proposal to create a “part-time” travel land in Pismo Beach (San Luis
  • Maybe someone could sing them a song about induced demand? (Oregon Live)
  • High Speed Rail board approves business plan (NBC)
  • FlixBus coming to California (The Drive)
  • Oh, great, it’s Infrastructure Week (CityLab)
  • Fair share housing “burden” and putting teeth in RHNA (Lisa Schweitzer)
  • Trump quietly cancels NASA research tracking GHG emissions (Science Magazine)
  • Judge strikes down Oakland ban on coal through its port (Salt Lake Tribune)

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1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Is there anywhere in California currently where express buses are allowed to use the shoulder to bypass traffic? I guess one silver lining to the proposal to use the shoulder as a part-time lane in Pismo Beach might be if it led to more discussion of concepts like that.

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