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  • Leave the car behind when you go on vacation (The Californian)
  • Imperial Valley Assemblymember Garcia’s environmental bills move forward (Imperial Valley News)
  • The true cost of environmental gentrification (Fusion)
  • Why is Exxon pushing for a carbon tax? (Environmental Leader)
  • Oil lobbyists encourage gas stations to label pumps with “cost per gallon” of cap-and-trade (Scientific American)
  • Self-driving Tesla involved in fatal crash (NY Times)
    • and some say the problem is that it wasn’t fully autonomous (Gizmodo)
  • BART, LA Metro engaged in a haiku battle—here’s the roundup (AV Club)
  • CalSTA head weighs in on needed Caltrans reforms (OC Register)
  • In Washington state, court rules that cities must make roads safe for bicycles (Bellingham Herald)
  • Oakland developer changes tone after council votes to ban coal shipments (Governing)

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Environmental Justice Committee Seeks Input on Climate Change Plan

California’s Global Warming Solutions Act, passed in 2006, opened the door for cap and trade, which among other things collects revenue to be invested in reducing emissions. The bill, A.B. 32, also created an Environmental Justice Advisory Committee to help the state spend those revenues equitably. The existence of this committee was an acknowledgement that the […]

As SCAG Talks Environmental Justice, Tea Party Group Hones in on E.D.

Regional planning documents and hearings are hardly exciting to write about. Interminably long public meetings, wonky terms, never-ending studies. It’s one reason that Streetsblog hardly covers the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), even though the regional plan it puts out is incredibly important in determining which projects receive federal funds and which ones don’t. […]

Legislature Must Decide the Fate of Three Environmental Justice Bills Before Midnight

Among the bills the state Senate and Assembly must decide upon before today’s deadline—the session ends at midnight tonight—are several that attempt to make up for past and current injustices by giving voice to the California communities that are most affected by climate change and pollution. This focus on environmental justice is finally gaining some […]

State Releases Proposed Rules That Would Finally End LOS in Enviro. Law

Earlier today, the State of California released its anticipated final draft set of changes to the state’s environmental law, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Under the new CEQA rule, environmental studies will use measurements that better correspond to actual environmental costs and benefits. This realigns the CEQA process to foster better transit, more walking and bicycling, and […]

Active Transportation Program: Cycle 2 Projects List Available

The California Transportation Commission has posted the complete list of projects adopted in the second cycle of the Active Transportation Program. New to the spreadsheet are projects adopted under the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) portion of the program. In January, 93 projects were adopted for a total of $143 million from the ATP. Matching funds […]