Today’s Headlines

  • Simple design changes can eliminate the danger of crossing railroad tracks on a bike (CityLab)
  • San Diego’s bold bicycle plan gets only partial approval from city (San Diego Union Tribune)
  • Oakland is on a pothole filling blitz (Patch, Hoodline)
  • Sacramento, Davis have an opportunity to go green with VW settlement (Sacramento Bee)
  • CEQA keeps being abused to block transit (Transit Talking Points)
  • Hilly cities take note: Lisbon is launching electric bike-share (Guardian)
  • For some, living in an office park is like “city living” (Washington Post)

More California headlines at Streetsblog LA and Streetsblog SF


  • Another bogus anti-CEQA story is linked here. CEQA litigation doesn’t stop a project; all it does is require that project supporters—whether public or private—must do an adequate environmental study before projects—especially big projects—are implemented. Since “transit” projects are about traffic, they in particular must do traffic studies to analyze their impacts, since traffic is obviously a major environmental impact.

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