VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE and Don’t Forget to Vote Today if You Haven’t Yet

Here’s where to look up your polling place, in case you have somehow forgotten. Hopefully you’ve marked up your sample ballot, though, and will take it with you.
Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 7.29.49 AM
If you haven’t made up your mind on your local measures, endorsement guides are available from Bike the Vote L.A.SPUR, The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, BikeEastBay, TransForm, and, of course, see Streetsblog’s coverage of transportation measures throughout the state.


Today’s Headlines

Here’s where you can track votes on transit measures today (The Transport Politic) This bike lane can save your life (Bloomberg) In case you missed it: Safe Routes to School National Partnership founder Deb Hubsmith wins posthumous “Excellence in Motion” award  (YouTube) Density is at the center of San Diego climate fight (Next City) HUD […]