Today’s Headlines

  • GAO report: Transit projects getting a little better at estimating costs, but not ridership (Smart Cities Dive)
  • Intercity bus travel is undergoing a transformation (Metro Magazine)
  • After years of work, Berkeley drops a bike safety project, citing “lack of staff” (Berkeleyside)
  • Indices – like “walkability scores” – can’t tell the whole story (Planetizen)
  • Studying pedestrian movement: In dense areas, people naturally walk in lines (Science News)
  • US proposes revisions to the way it calculates fuel economy for EVs (CalMatters, Reuters)
  • Are EVs too heavy for garages? (The Drive)
  • Are carbon offsets a solution or a cop-out? (Greener Ideal)
  • Freeways Without Futures 2023 summarizes US campaigns to remove old freeways (CNU)
  • Stockton guaranteed income experiment showed good results, muted by pandemic (CalMatters)
  • San Diego sued for not properly studying environmental impact of LESS PARKING (CBS8)
  • California oil-price-gouging law has bipartisan support; everyone wants cheaper gas (Morning Consult)
  • More workers are needed to get this place decarbonized (Wired)

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