Today’s Headlines

  • The “freedom” and hazards of bicycling in L.A. – why quotes around that word, LA Times?
  • Climate groups sound the alarm on transit death spiral (Environmental Defence)
  • Climate change affects people of color most, but you wouldn’t know if from the news (USA Today)
  • Lots of people live car-free in car-centric cities (Bloomberg)
  • Deep dive into arguments over a much-needed bike path in Santa Barbara County (Noozhawk)
  • Open source data on sidewalks could help cities that don’t map their pedestrian networks (MIT)
  • Some still claim highway expansions will reduce congestion. It does not work (Planetizen)
  • Governor Newsom’s proposal on oil company profits: push regulators to hold them accountable (LA Times,
    SF Chronicle)
  • Chevron says it reported price data (AP)
  • Cap-and-trade is not just a California thing anymore (Legal Planet)

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