Today’s Headlines

  • Palo Alto’s torturous e-bike discussion (Palo Alto online)
  • Protected bike lanes are the best climate investment cities can make (Speed&Scale)
  • Feds sitting on Del Mar’s railroad fence decision (San Diego Union Tribune)
  • Morro Bay to get upgraded transit shelter (KSBY)
  • Plans for a bike bridge to Alameda may just be plans (SF Chronicle)
  • Denver’s e-bike incentives reduced car trips (SmartCitiesDive)
  • Buses are key to improving public transportation (The Conversation)
  • CA bill considers weight fees for SUVs (Fox5)
  • New toll lanes open on Hwy 101 in Bay Area (SF Chronicle)
  • A complaint leads to federal investigation of a road planned to cut through a Black neighborhood (The Current)
  • Would dismantling 980 help repair nearby Black neighborhoods? (Silicon Valley)
  • San Diego police want streetlight cameras and license plate readers (San Diego Union Tribune)

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