Today’s Headlines

  • Climate change is heating up everywhere (IPCC)
  • Especially, at the moment, in Europe (AP News)
  • Democrat Adam Gray benefits from oil industry money (Sludge)
  • In Congress, “the economy” trumps climate agenda (CNN)
  • Capitalism turns air into a commodity (Socialist Worker)
  • Money vs. the environment: there’s still gold in CA hills (Washington Post)
  • Did nature catch a break during the pandemic? (NY Times)
  • Bakersfield ranked 7th most dangerous U.S. city for walking (
  • L.A.’s Crosswalk Collective takes action where the city can’t or won’t (CityWatchLA)
  • “Walking billboards” for safety? (YouTube)
  • Prioritize housing for people, not cars (LA Times)
  • Urbanism for teens on TikTok (Bloomberg)
  • Building better bike count models (EurekAlert!)
  • A deadly collision again raises questions about police chases (Oaklandside)
  • Should cities tax empty homes? (SF Chronicle)
  • Details of voter-approved car-data privacy law being drafted – weigh in (CalMatters)

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