Today’s Headlines

  • If transportation systems don’t change now, their CO2 emissions will continue to grow (IPCC)
  • Americans use way more energy than they need, most of it on transportation (NPR)
  • People believe – wrongly – that suburbs are better for the environment than cities (You.Gov)
  • Big oil should cough up some of its profits to pay for the impacts of climate change (Pew)
  • More on California proposal to ban gas-powered cars (CalMatters, CNBC)
  • State releases annual report on climate investments funded by cap-and-trade (Office of the Governor)
  • Study: asphalt art can dramatically increase street safety (Bloomberg)
  • What planners know about – and what they can do about – congestion (Planetizen)
  • Surprise! Prop 13 has mostly benefited wealthy white homeowners (and businesses) (CalMatters)
  • San Diego adds incentives for low-income ADUs (San Diego Union Tribune)

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