Today’s Headlines

  • Long Beach considers a public park along its river (Press Telegram)
  • Fixing commuter rail will cost money (Governing)
  • Transportation improvements are key to reducing health disparities (Transfers Magazine)
  • CA spends millions to improve highways:
    • $16 million for Taft highway (KGET)
    • $112 million for Highway 101 (SYVNews)
    • Resurfacing of Highway 12 in Sonoma County begins; some crosswalks missing? (Sonoma News)
  • CA willing to fix, but not widen, Highway 41 in Fresno County (KMPH)
    • Local officials claim they’re “not adding capacity, we’re completing capacity that’s already there” (Fresno Bee)
    • They’re mad that the state is putting its money where its mouth is (The Sun)
  • Colorado claims its highway expansions are “different” and won’t bring [much] more traffic (CPR)
  • Nonresidents say if Oakland were to remove a freeway it would inconvenience them (Mercury News)
  • Why cities say no to new transportation technology (Bloomberg)
  • California oil industry spends millions fighting climate policy (Capital and Main)
  • Gig economy’s business model is blocking climate policy (Vice)

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