Today’s Headlines

  • Federal relief bill is not enough to save transit (Transportation for America)
  • Transit workers are dying (Guardian)
  • Grocery store workers are essential, and unprotected (Reveal)
  • Lots of pressure to re-open businesses (LA Times)
  • Ventura County begins to loosen restrictions (LA Times)
  • San Luis Obispo wants to as well (San Luis
  • San Diego wants to reopen parks (San Diego Union Tribune)
  • “Freedom to die” protests in San Diego (San Diego Union Tribune), Sacramento (CalMatters), and elsewhere in California (LA Times)
  • Shelter-in-place speeds up transportation projects (SF Chronicle)
  • Cops are reporting ridiculously high speeds by some drivers (Pew)
  • Paltry public transit prevents people from getting to jobs, services (Texas Observer)
  • Norway–a major oil exporter–is well on its way to meeting target of phasing out all in-country fossil fuel vehicles by 2025 (The Guardian)
  • Federal ban on evictions hasn’t stopped some landlords (ProPublica)

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