Today’s Headlines

  • Impacts to Fresno-area transportation (Stop and Move)
  • California farmworkers are essential–and largely unprotected (Guardian)
  • Undocumented workers, most at risk for losing jobs and getting the virus due to doing essential work, are left out relief bill (California Budget & Policy Center)
  • Will stimulus payments help? Evidence from Stockton’s universal income experiment (Sacramento Bee)
  • Time to take back the streets (Treehugger)
  • The bicycle makes a comeback (Forbes, Foreground)
  • It took a pandemic to ease unfair crackdown on e-bike deliveries in NY (Fast Company)
  • Workers in ski masks helping homeless find shelter (LA Times)
  • Renters: what you need to know right now (LA Times)
  • Study: Strict air quality regulations benefit agriculture (AG Net West)
  • Trump weakens fuel economy standards just when they’re needed most (LA Times)
  • Planning goes online (California Planning & Development Report)
  • SF Supes approve payout to journalist whose home was raided by police to find a story source (SF Chronicle)

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