Today’s Headlines

  • Shoup: Include Transit In Sports Tickets, Including L.A. Olympics (CityLab)
  • A.B. Changing Some Parts Of How Uber Works (LAT)
  • 40 Mile Bike Path Around Coachella Valley Wins State Grant (
  • Just Because S.B. 50 Failed, It Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Need Housing Leg. (Union-Tribune)
  • Red Light Cameras Are Still Legal Many Places (OC Register)
  • Commentary: Vote for More SMART Service (MarinIJ)
  • Commentary: Vote for More Traffic, Continued Dependence on Oil and Cars (MarinIJ)
  • OCTA Debuts Ten Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses
  • Legislation Would Create Interagency Group for Rail to Ontario Airport (Daily Bulletin)
  • Rounding Up the Super Bowl Car Ads (SBNYC)

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