Today’s Headlines

Happy New Year to our Streetsblog California readers! Here’s what the media has been covering:

  • Los Altos mulls changes to bike lanes (Los Altos Online)
  • San Diego gets serious about sidewalk repair, after injury payouts mount (San Diego Union Tribune)
  • Tesla driver crashes into car in Gardena, killing its occupants; was the Tesla on autopilot? (Star Tribune)
  • LAPD: Fatal traffic crashes in L.A. increased 32% last year (ABC)
  • Ebikes are still illegal in NYC. What? (BuzzFeed)
  • Oil industry has been gaming cap-and-trade (LA Times)
  • Judge temporarily excludes trucking industry from new labor law AB5 (SF Chronicle)
  • Women who took over empty home in Oakland plead their case in court (SF Chronicle)
  • Why the census matters: California may lose a congressional seat (LA Times)

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