Today’s Headlines

  • L.A. suspends Uber’s permit for scooters and bikes over data policy (LA Times)
  • It’s not its data, or privacy, that Uber really cares about (CityLab)
  • City congestion is one of many arguments for using delivery e-bikes (The Guardian)
  • Do rail companies need to change their bike policies? (The Guardian)
  • Democratic candidates have a serious blind spot when it comes to carbon emissions (Huffington Post)
  • After auto companies sign on, Trump abandons plan to freeze auto efficiency standards (The Verge)
  • Federal tax incentives for EVs are under attack by Trump administration (Sacramento Bee)
  • Human emotions will curtail supposed benefits from autonomous vehicles (DowntoEarth)
  • Augsburg, Germany tests out a flat rate “mobility” fare covering buses, trains, bike rentals, car share (Intelligent Transport)
  • What new employee law could mean to the trucking industry (Transport Topics)
  • BBC program will plug bicycles, “most popular form of transport on the planet” (Forbes)
  • Apple to give $2.5 billion for housing in California (Curbed)

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