Today’s Headlines

  • The hidden environmental threat from Uber and Lyft: Who is responsible for investing in cleaner cars? (CALmatters)
  • Toronto is having a heated debate on banning text-walking (Narcity)
    • Maybe they should take a look at the stats: it’s not much of a factor in pedestrian fatalities (NY Daily News)
  • Cycling rule #1: The pedestrian is always right (Outside)
  • Glendale street to get pedestrian-friendly design makeover (LA Times)
  • Oakland’s grand plan for downtown (SocketSite)
  • Cargo bikes are better than vans for urban deliveries (Cyclist)
  • “Flight shaming” is scaring the airlines (Reuters)
  • Car Talk host hates cars: They are “ruining the fabric of our lives” (Jalopnik)

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