Today’s Headlines

  • Deaths from red light running are at a ten-year high (NPR)
  • Thoughts and prayers: L.A. installs halos where people have been killed in car traffic (LA Times)
  • A video game shows how freeways can damage cities (Greater Greater Washington)
  • NIMBYs sue to stop L.A.’s Transit Oriented Communities projects (LA Times)
  • What urban sprawl really does to car commutes (CityLab)
  • Railyards project could double the size of downtown Sacramento (Curbed)
  • Caltrans invites applications for $34m in sustainable planning grants (Transportation Today)
  • Nevada to collect mileage data on every motorist in a seven-year pilot (Planetizen)
  • “Green jobs” are hard to count (Politico)
  • In U.S. cities, the poor suffer more from heat (NPR)

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