Today’s Headlines

  • L.A. Mayor proposes plan to phase out gas-fueled cars (LA Times)
  • SANDAG proposes rail expansion instead of highway project (San Diego Union Tribune)
  • Traffic pollution causes one fifth of new childhood asthma cases (Environmental Defense Fund)
  • Toronto adds bike stations, free shuttles, pedestrian tunnel, and reduces car trips to its airport (Consulting Canada)
  • Caltrans backs off on plan to raise Bay Area freeway overpasses after cities object (Bay City Beacon)
  • How seniors in California are rethinking their transportation (KPBS)
  • Report: Low-income communities should benefit from green economy (California Health Report)
  • When white homebuyers take over black neighborhoods (NY Times)
  • Flow chart explainer for housing bill SB 50 in current form (Curbed)
  • Muni director resigns (Curbed)
  • Bus rapid transit made a big difference for Mexico City residents (WBUR)

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