Today’s Headlines

  • Once again, with feeling: Lowering speeds can reduce crashes (SSTI)
  • Santa Cruz to get a new library, no, jk, that’s a parking garage (Systemic Failure)
  • Tomorrow is California Clean Air Day (Daily Bulletin)
  • Could a misleading title for gas tax repeal affect its outcome? (CALmatters)
  • Democrat challenger in Orange County loses labor endorsement when she comes out in support of gas tax repeal (CALmatters)
  • BART housing bill signed (Curbed)
  • UC Berkeley study: California needs rent control (Long Beach Post)
  • What effects would Wiener’s unsuccessful housing bill have had on communities? (Urban Displacement Project)
  • An explainer on gentrification (Architectural Record)
  • CARB’s trio of clean transportation actions (NGTnews)
  • UC Professor Dan Sperling on California’s broken transportation system (CALmatters)
  • Clean energy is at stake in these state governor elections (Daily Bulletin)

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