Today’s Headlines

  • As a black man, this is how I walk through my neighborhood (Long Beach Daily Post)
  • Racial segregation affects where we live and how we get around (CityLab)
  • San Mateo County begins work on bike/pedestrian plan (SM Daily Journal)
  • The scooter wars are no joke: Santa Monica gets a taste of what it would be like with NO SCOOTERS (Santa Monica Daily Press)
  • Recently developed Playa Vista’s main street will become a pedestrian plaza (LA Times)
  • Just stop using Level of Service as a planning metric (Strong Towns)
  • It’s hard out there for a local city councilmember (California Planning & Development Report)
  • To review: Trump hates California (Independent)
  • Ontario’s move to cancel its cap-and-trade program is already hurting the region (The Record)
  • Bangladesh protests over traffic deaths of two students bring city to a halt (CityLab)

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