Today’s Headlines

  • Bike-share will add electric bikes in San Francisco this April (Business Wire, SF Weekly)
  • Oakland’s Telegraph Avenue gets bus boarding islands along protected bike lanes (Medium)
  • League of American Bicyclists releases Bicycle Friendly State report card (Sierra Club)
  • Ventura County seeks input on “unmet transportation needs” (VC Star)
  • Vision Zero may be working in SF, NY (Governing)
  • Buses can deconcentrate poverty, promote equity (Chicago Policy Review)
  • Republican Assemblymembers call on Governor Brown to invest in infrastructure (Desert News)
  • Bill to outlaw fossil fuel vehicles brings (predictably) reactions from automakers (Transportation Today)
  • Federal research funds help states test transportation technology (Transport Topics)
  • Marin County has used environmentalism as cover to resist new housing, and the result: high costs and segregation (LA Times)
  • Redevelop those dying malls for housing (Mercury News)

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