Today’s Headlines

  • Short video explains how truck traffic affects surrounding neighborhoods (Union of Concerned Scientists)
  • WalkSF demands action after two more pedestrians are killed (KTVU)
  • Weigh in: Mr. Roadshow’s readers think a ban on pedestrian cell phone use makes sense (Mercury News)
  • Blaming and scolding pedestrians: Curbed acknowledges it is a problem, then adds to it
  • San Bernardino jury awards $36 million to student injured in crash—no blame for driver who hit her (SB Sun)
  • Oakland screws up a simple road diet (Systemic Failure)
  • Rural California gets its Uber (CityLab)
  • Congestion pricing in L.A.: Drastic times may call for drastic measures (LA Times)
  • Judge who ruled ballot language for gas tax repeal was inaccurate says he will write new language (SF Gate)
  • Ontario joins California’s cap-and-trade market (SF Gate)
  • How public sector crowdfunding can influence government decision making (Pacific Standard)
  • Feds to self-driving cars: regulate yourself (CityLab)
  • L.A. Metro invests in affordable housing near transit hubs (NBC)
  • Video: Coolest bike rack ever? (Daily Hive)

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