Today’s Headlines

  • Santa Cruz gets a bike box (Santa Cruz Sentinel)
  • Study: Without HOV policies, urban traffic just gets worse (Science Daily)
  • Future-proofing transit hubs (CityLab)
  • Cap-and-trade bill heading for a showdown (Capitol Weekly, US News)
  • Some of what’s in the new cap-and-trade bill (KCRA)
  • Gas tax opponents don’t like the official language for their repeal effort (LA Times)
  • The biggest transportation change underway has nothing to do with autonomous cars (Business Insider)
  • CA’s war on dirty air turns to the ports (Governing)
  • Federal funding for high speed rail under the ax (E&E Daily)
  • SANDAG overstated how much money it could raise with sales tax measure (Voice of San Diego)
  • OMG, bike lanes are TOXIC and our criminal leaders ignore that at their peril (CityWatchLA)
  • The real reason New York’s trains don’t run on time (Vox)
  • Sacramento is burgeoning (Curbed)

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