Today’s Headlines

  • Myth Busters: No, increasing road capacity does not cut GHG emissions (City Observatory)
  • Ford Go-Bike set to launch in Bay Area, along with competitor bike-share companies (San Francisco Magazine)
  • Lessons from the ’70s bike boom (Curbed)
  • Palo Alto’s new budget signals shift in transportation (Palo Alto Online)
  • CA Supreme Court upholds cap-and-trade (LA Times, SF Gate, Reuters)
  • Is California selling climate illusions? (Medium)
  • Governor Brown is giving the oil industry a say on climate efforts (In These Times)
  • There’s a war between housing activists in S.F. (Slate)
  • Cyclists are not a separate species (Bicycle Network)
  • There’s money to fix rural roads, but it won’t happen overnight (Union Democrat)

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