Today’s Headlines

  • Poll: Californians want better transportation, but don’t think they should have to pay more for it (PPIC)
  • Amador County asks bike riders and walkers a few questions (Ledger Dispatch)
  • The battle for Caltrain electrification and why you should care, whoever and wherever you are (Wired)
  • In Caltrain drama, nobody’s a winner (CityLab)
  • What that Caltrain corridor could be (SPUR)
  • NPR‘s take on environmental justice advocates’ opposition to cap-and-trade
  • Cap-and-trade, cap-and-tax, cap-and-dividend: an economist’s perspective on ways to lower greenhouse gas emissions (Scientific American)
  • NYPD focuses Vision Zero efforts on the “scourge” of “wheelie-popping teens” (Village Voice)

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