Today’s Headlines

  • A history of urban highways, and of who matters (Strong Towns)
  • The story of Caltrain electrification, meddling Republican Congressmembers, and the federal government:
    • Feds waver (KTVU)
    • Now it’s the whole high-speed rail program that got stopped (Governing)
    • Caltrain pushes back (The Hill)
    • Caltrain launches a petition begging the DOT to reconsider (SF Examiner)
  • And where is electrification warranted? Everywhere (Pedestrian Observations)
  • Op-Ed: Republican transportation funding plan makes sense: we shouldn’t have to pay a cent to keep  building roads (Desert Dispatch)
  • Op-Ed: Whatever, just fix the transportation system already (
  • Cooling down urban areas: more trees, fewer cars (Guardian)

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