Today’s Headlines

  • New city council sworn in, immediately approves bikeways (Highland News)
  • Uber tests self-driving cars in San Francisco—claims state law does not apply to them (LA Times)
  • Hands-free phones are just as dangerous for drivers as hand-helds (ABC)
  • Governor Brown says California won’t give in on climate policy (Sacramento Bee)
  • Rapid rise in methane emission surprise scientists (Guardian)
  • Climate change is being fought at the local level (The Nation)
  • Manufacturers in L.A. agree to cut emissions (LA Daily News)
  • USDOT conducts Leadership Academy to empower community members (Fast Lane)
  • YIMBYs: Housing You Matters in San Diego (Price Tags)
  • Caltrans sued for violating homeless people’s rights (East Bay Express)  (Indy Bay)

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