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  1. Maybe it would help if you’d pay attention and actually start following the project instead of just spouting off nonsense against it all the time. To date, four (under budget) contracts have been awarded for Construction Packages which account for over 100 miles of the project through the heart of the Central Valley. Work that is part of those Packages is well underway and the State hasn’t even started touching the Prop. 1B bond funds yet. The State certainly has the money to finish the Central Valley segment, which they would be legally required to finish even if the whole project were to be ditched tomorrow due to the string attached to the Federal funds requiring anything abandoned to be usable by Amtrak.

  2. Still lobbying for the high-speed rail project? It would be more useful for your readers if you did some reporting that reflected reality, like where is it going to get the money to build even the first segment in the Central Valley?

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